Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who knew Wales was so beautiful

I can't express how much fun I am having. No words would EVER give you an idea. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what? I went to Wales this weekend. I know, it's CRAZY!!! Here are some pictures:

Alright blogger is being snooty today and not uploading correctly. So, here is the link to my Facebook album of Wales. WALES.

Wales was a hilarious blast! I hiked, walked, swam, climbed, and skipped through the whole adventure and couldn't be more pleased with the money I spent. It was all worth it. I must say, jumping off a cliff here is much more daunting than jumping off a cliff back home. I don't know why, it just is. The 40ish foot cliff I jumped off, made me heart leap as I plummeted to the ice cold water below. Worth it? YES.

At a glance:

1. Played King of the Rock in the ocean.
2. Took an early morning walk and felt like Elizabeth Bennet. 
3. Craved coffee. (NO Jon, I do NOT want instant. The nerve!)
4. Dreamed about coffee. (Craving it, perhaps?)
5. Had two cups of coffee Sunday morning. (It was probably not good coffee, but to me it was DElish)
6. Attempted to surf. (again, ATTEMPTED to surf)
7. Hiked 4.3 miles of the coast. (MAJESTIC)
8. Had "real" food. (It wasn't college-student-living-in-the-big-city food)
9. Sewed in a VERY loud room amidst drunks. (I love homework on vacations).
10. Sewed for three hours on the train. (That's dedication and talent. hehe.)
11. Visited a gothic style church in the TINY village. It was so beautiful.
12. Thanked God so many times for His blessings.
13. the end.

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  1. Awesome! God is SO good--ALL the time, and so glad for the trip to Wales!!! Love ya!!!