Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's happening in Bath

I probably have 37 stories for you now since my last post. Geez, a LOT has happened.

Nutshell version: I visited Liberty!! (Julie and I didn't feel well so we were only in it for a few minutes. I can't WAIT to to go back!), I saw Saville Row!!!!!!!! (BIG whoop for that!..It was on my MUST see list, and as Tony was our guide, I've got to go back because that man speed walks everywhere), Julie and I took a day trip to BATH!!  (I wish I could fly everyone over there for my wedding some would be the best spot for it), and a bunch of other stuff happened...I'll recount it all in a post, hopefully tomorrow.

This is why I'm here!

Lettuce never looked so beautiful. It caught my eye while shopping at Whole Foods. 

I was so tempted to yank the red coat off her shoulders and run for it. I really want it! The ruffle is ohmygoshsogorgeous.

Picidilly Circus...sitting at the Eros statue, taking in the sights

I can't remember what Tony said this is now, it used to be a Duke's home. There a wings on the left and right of this front piece that are very long. I can't imagine saying "Yes and this is my city house. I'll take you to my country house in the fall.." 

Saville Row!!!!!!! (Where the most expensive and well tailored men's suits are hand crafted. It's world-renowned.  J. Bond certainly had a few of his suits made here :) 

Home to Apple Records..The Beetles record label. I think Tony said this is where they had there last show..on the roof!!

Can you see Julie's fur vest?! (standing next to me) She's so proud of it and LOVES it :) 

Thanks, V, for all you've done for us

The shops made my heart melt

I think Richard Anderson's shop set up was my favorite. Chandelier! 

Carnaby Street. Home to more cig smoke than one should ever breath in. Dis.Gust.Ing. And there's Liberty's pink windows on the background!

all smiles from me

Julie and I loved the lights displayed here...that's my secret shot of it. I'm getting very practiced in this skill. No one saw me!

People watching in Paddington Station. I want to go back and take a shot of the station. No wonder Paddington Bear got lost in it!! It's GINORMOUS.

Here's my Bath trip:

beautiful colour!

welcome to Bath


This was the most beautiful sight!!!! (Ok it's a picture. ha)

These girls were having the best history class outing ever

This lady was singing "Time To Say Goodbye" as we walked into the courtyard. Timeless!

Here is the big bath!

These are the original pieces that led to 

Julie and I sat here for over an hour, just basking in the sight.

Then who should I see but a fellow UA mate, Mattie Quinn!! CuhRazy!! (Nik made the good point that my hair looks fiery red, but trust me, it looks pretty natural)

Like our cell phones??! So DO WE! 

The Priest blessed us and this is how you say hello (hand up).  No, I haven't shrunk and gained fifty pounds...though this picture looks like it. I blame it on the Indian tourist man who looked like he DID NOT know how to handle technology.

I wondered what it was like to bath as a Roman in those days...I think this sums it up.

More of the ruins

This is the ball room at the Bath Fashion museum. This reminds me of Beauty and the Beast

Pride and Prejudice, baby!

My poor dance pose.

Of course Gywneth P. wore this dress to an event. Gorg!

Dear Mary Quant and her adorable designs

My latest craze is leather with evening wear. It's also very trendy but oh well. Leather, silk, and lace were meant to be friends

Everyone remember when J.Lo wore this Versace show stopper? Here 'tis.

I picked up a corset and bustle!! They're also the trend over's what everyone is wearing. :)


This is my Little Women moment. Remember when Jo bumped against that old lady's dress and it went woosh! 

It's crazy that they had my wedding gown here on display! :)

LOVE the menswear inspiration

Letter to Princess Di on the letter wall--"My best friend Clara and I followed every bit of footage shown in Australia from our teenage years. We are now best friends at 45. We designed our wedding dresses like Diana's and both rang each other  and cried for days when she died. Such a beautiful lady!"

I imagined myself looking out that window in a "Pride and Prejudice"  dress. sigh.

I love the train stations!


  1. unbelievable photos! Loved them all--esp. the one where you tried on the bustle!!! I also loved the one of Julie's vest where you guys were a reflection in the window!!! Keep 'em coming! Love ya!!!

  2. Hehe! You have got quite the photographer's eye! I have (by the way) jacked a few of these to use as future and present background and home art features:) I will (of course) give you full credit when I definately get compliments! Love you! P.S. I never understand why the "bath" was so green! I always thought it was mold which gave me serious pause at the question of me ever jumping in...

  3. Mollie! Thank you for sharing with us on your adventure. I LOVE hearing your stories and also your deep thoughts. Love you and praying for you.
    You are giving HIM all the glory which is awesome!! P.S. remember it is Suzy when it says Randy!!