Thursday, October 14, 2010

2nd week accomplished

2nd Week in London video

I posted a video on youtube about my second week...Click on the link above and it will take you to it.

I'm going to Wales this weekend!!!! I am so so so so stoked. I get to jump off their cliffs into the ocean and bike and hike in the countryside and take night walks on the beach. SOOOO awesome. I'm told it's supposed to drop into the 30s while we're there!! Finally some really cold weather. 

The production of The Mousetrap is tonight! It's a murder mystery that contains a surprising twist at the end, and at the end of every performance,  the actors ask that the audience never reveals the secret to others. Isn't that stinkin' cool?!

Julie and I are a bit homesick. :( I call mine Niksick. ha. But honestly it's hardest late at night and when we first get up in the morning. Probably because we're at home and it's not super homey in this place. Grrrrr. I DISLIKE being even a little homesick. And we both have been sick this week so that makes it harder. Prayers are appreciated! (We're doing better now)

Since my video cut off the first part where I talk about visiting Bath, I should give the details. (see previous post for the pictures). It's the most romantic, charming, beautiful city I have ever seen or imagined. I needed a Jane Austen costume as I strolled through the quaint streets and shops. I wanted ever so badly to stumble across a film set and jump in as one of the extras. I'd do it for free!! But alas, I did not see any. I did however get to view ten of Princess Di's dresses at the Museum of Fashion and they were exquisite! I admire her a lot so that was special. And this weekend I'm visiting her home country! Wooooooooo. The grass there was the greenest I have ever seen. And the shops were adorable because they're in old squeaky buildings with large windows and cracking paint. Gorgeous!! My dream wedding would be in Bath, and the reception would be at the Ball Room in the Fashion Museum. It was HUGE and had intricate crown molding on the ceiling and quite large chandeliers. We'd all be very dressed up and then we would dance like they do in Jane Austen's books. Wouldn't that be enchanting??!!!

I need to get ready for class now. Peace out lovely people!


This is what happens when one has little sunlight exposure. I'm getting very pale!


  1. whole foods?!?! OH MY GOODNESS. okay, i love you SO much and that red lip colour you're wearing in your vid is smashing. kandee would be very proud. :) keep adventuring!

  2. Wow! Loved the video! Keep them coming. I also loved the make-up. Are you stepping up your act? Lots of competition over there I suppose. You need to look the part of fashion guru. Quit the homesickness - you will be home before you know it! Praying for you. Love you. Suzy