Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's the little things

essentials for London, rain boots and reusable grocery bags

essentials for Mollie, red shoes, leather messenger bag, protein bars, Bible, journal.

here's meh room

more essentials, Truvia, lotion, pictures of Nik, and love letter. (yes, he signed it "your prince albert".  happy giggle)

it's coriander across the pond, NOT cilantro. It took meh Sherlock skills to find it at Sainsbury's (our grocery) since the worker didn't know what I was talking about. Interesting!

this is what i see out the kitchen window every day. happiness

they're making the Caledonian Park prettier!

how does one work a phone without buttons?

Julie and I found our favorite place in London today. Hyde Park!!! This is at our fave place, Serpentine Bar and Kitchen. It's quaint, home-y, and WAY better than Starbucks. It overlooks Serpentine Lake.  Sunday we're going to rent rowboats!  We plan to read Lady of Shalott. hehe. 

it's the little things that make it splendid.


  1. Love it! The row boats sound so fun:) Can I say that I love your prince Albert! He is too sweet! MORE PICS PLEASE!

  2. Hey mollie!;) Hope you have a blast in London....where by chance did you find that leather messenger bag? I've been looking for one....!!

  3. Haha! I love how the sign at the Surpentine Bar says "No Bathing" too funny

  4. Catherine- I got it two years ago at T.J Maxx! It's Perry Ellis and has lasted through many heavy loads..If you pay for a good one, it'll last a while. I LOVE mine

    CJ- Isn't that sign great? Julie said I can't bath (smim) in it...even though I love to swim! I'd better listen to her since it doesn't look clean enough for people

  5. I'm loving reading this every day with new pics. Of course you have to have your rainboots in merry ole England! Hyde Park looks neat-o!!! Love ya--