Monday, November 22, 2010


Life is super busy now since I have two weeks and three days left! So many projects due and Julie and I are cracking down on our London Bucket list. That means new adventures EVERY day and miles upon miles of walking. But every millisecond is more worth it than most anything I have ever done. 

This weekend we visited Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, home to royals such as Henry VIII; fell under the spell of Westminster Abbey on Saturday, then returned on Sunday for the Evensong service (I nearly cried listening to the choir. There is nothing I know of that I can compare to basking in choir music whilst sitting awestruck in one of man's most majestic creations); I rambled through Southwark (if you want to sound official, it's pronounced "Suth-uck"), Buckingham area including St. James' Park; and today visited The Queen's Gallery to see the Victoria and Albert exhibition. That was one of the best art exhibitions I have seen thus far! Probably because I am so enthralled by V&A's love and life story. They are a couple to behold! 

Here is my weekend in pictures:

Hello Hampton Court Palace!

I might be walking right where Henry VIII or Anne Boelyn or Jane Seymour once strolled. 

There was a maze!

James was tired and took a nap

Standing in the first courtyard.  That's right, there are FOUR.

Looks real doesn't it?

The kitchens were bigger than any house I have ever seen

One of three large fireplaces, but there were many others. They had it set up like it would have been in the ole days.  Totally rad.

One of the many gardens. I felt like I was on the set of Marie Antionette

Eddie wanted food.

Staircase to William's apartments (that means at least 10 rooms the size of a restaurant).

Notice the "M" design on the walls? That's rifles. TONS of them.

A large dining hall

Hellooooo Parliament. 

Why are coffee beans more important than my lungs? 

That's right people, I am cool. It's a fact of life. Get over it. *giggles*

People watching!

I'm in love with Anthropologie!!!!

I thought of Cassie Booth while in this store : )


Christmas lights on every corner!

I'm going to move in to Anthropologie! 

What's with all the Starbucks bathrooms hosting the "World's Smallest Sinks"?

Buckingham again

Starbucks window people watching. AIU was brilliant to put the school right beside this. Smart people.

St. Jame's Park, beside Buckingham

View from the Blue Bridge. I like to think that's a castle there.

Churchill's War Rooms

To my left is Westminster, Trafalgar, Piccidilly, and Leicester. To my right is The Eye, Southwark,  Millennium  Bridge, and other magnificent sights. Can this get any better??

That's right, I AM.

This too

I love the Thames

Cute shopping/market area in Southwark.

View from my helicopter

I love exploring, I love London.

St. Paul's Cathedral.  We're going to the Thanksgiving service on Thursday night that the Brits are graciously hosting for those of us Yankees that are living here during the holidays

Dear Robin performing a dramatic reading of our class poem. I have the original (it's promising. well, creative at least) and will perform a rendition of Robin's act when I arrive home.  Should anyone be interested.

Look who we met! He was quite the comic too

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.


Herrods at Christmastime.

It's quite the experience 

 I forgot to mention that I ran into Henry (the VIII of course) while at Hampton. Gracious host.  Figuring that he didn't wed and behead me.

The Queen's card playing room

The craftsmen of the day put so much work into every detail

Is this tree not magical? I found it bewitching and mysterious.

Once again, England is home to the coziest cafes. This picture doesn't show it well though. Psh.

The end! 

I love you all very much.