Saturday, September 25, 2010

Packing and Goodbyes

Whoa, packin
g takes so long and is very tedious. my goodness. I really love it though.

Here are some fun pictures of the past few weeks.

I went back to Conway to say goodbye to dearest Jana, who now resides in Canada for 10 months. Sniff.  This is her, saving the world, on Petit Jean Mt.

We like to be cute.

Jana, enjoying God's beauty. We were completely enthralled by the view. 

Our official goodbye breakfast at Panera

We could NOT get our faces to cooperate. If I smiled, she goofed off and vice versa.

The sweet lady at the counter must have felt sorry for us because after  nearly 20 attempts, she offered to take it for us. :) That worked better.
Whitley is looking out the window here. I wanted a goodbye picture with her but she gets distracted when the camera comes out. Goob.  I got to be her 'mom' for FIVE DAYS and it was a blast! I'll miss living with Ben, Cass, and WeeWee.

Gift from Ben and Cass. They know me so well!
And the second gift from B&C. Abby, does this remind you of us ? :) (Once, she and I  bolted down a hill with bed sheets tied 'round our necks, simply because we could.  Well, Somebody's got to save the world.)

Nik and I had a lovely "last" date last night and had a blast! We've both been so busy that we don't see much of each other, and if we do we're extremely tired. We ate at Hugo's (It's like the Stoby's of Fayetteville) which was scrumptious. Then we watched Wall Street, whose trailer by the way, is very misleading. The movie was all over the place. I don't think the director could decide who/what specifically to focus on so he tried TOO many angles. It didn't work. And it's heart breaking to watch people who live to play the 'game' where it's all about money, power, and deception. They're lonely, bored, and very, very empty people.

I wish we had remembered to take a picture because we dressed up and looked adorable. I fell for a man who looks swell in slacks and a dress shirt. :) I'll miss him very much. 

I am now off to pack the rest of meh stuff because I drive back to Conway early tomorrow morning. It's goodbye Fayetteville today. And Goodbye USA in three days :) 

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