Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am in London.

I don't know where to start, honestly. I have never been so overwhelmed by sights, emotions, quirky people, and excitement. It's like nothing I ever knew could happen and something I'd never understand unless I did this. But it's bliss.

Youtube is being annoying so I cannot at this time upload my "first day experience" video.  Crikey!! So annoying.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE London. I cannot express in words (or facial expressions : ) how much I feel at home here. I love it. I am so thankful that I will be here for three months because it would crush me to be here for a shorter time.

Thank you to ALL the people praying for me! I have been safe (really, Little Rock is more dangerous. No joke.) and haven't even felt unsafe for a second.

Julie, Paulina (Julie is my travel mate/friend from home and current roommate, Paulina is another of my roomates) and I successfully managed going to the supermarket this evening. It was really fun! It was quite the experience as they have many different choices of cheese and meats and unfamiliar brands. The hardest part was lugging the bags to the bus and from the bus to our flat. But if that's what it means to live in the big city, I DON'T MIND, I LOVE IT.
 And I really enjoy riding the tube (subway). And I cannot tell you how giggly I am to be surrounded by British accents 24/7. Anyone who knows me, knows my affinity for Brit accents, so OF COURSE I have been practicing mine. :)  I think in a British accent now. That isn't a joke; I caught myself doing it earlier today then realized I had been doing it all day. Cuhrazy!

saying goodbye :(

Julie and me on the LONG layover in Charlotte, NC

I can't wait til I can upload videos so that you can hear my tearjerker story of us lugging this massive amount of extremely heavy luggage. It'll get to you. : ) Kidding aside, it was dreadful

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's from Millennium bridge

Millennium Bridge

Tower Bridge, NOT to be confused with London Bridge

in front of London Tower (which looks nothing like a tower). I can't wait to go inside and see the crown jewels!

Julie and I joke that this is why we came to London

first experience at H&M!

All in all, today I saw St. Paul's, Millennium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Globe Theater, London Tower, Harrods, Topshop, and a thousand double decker busses. OH! It was glorious!!

New words phrases that I learned/used today:
queue =line (like "the lines at walmart are usually long")
top up = filling up my tube card.. I think they use it in place of "fill up"too, like filling gas in your car

I think it's so late so I cannot remember the other ones...I should go to bed. A very early orientation is tomorrow!
Milk is the best drink,



  1. I am so jealous!! I wish I could be there experiencing everything with you!! I know you are having a smashtastic time! (new word just for you) Keep me updated! i love pics and vids! :)

    be salt and light to the jolly people,

  2. Okay, my comment just vanished. Let's try that again.

    Good point, Little Rock probably is more dangerous than London. That's a good point.

  3. Incredible......I am so excited and happy for you Mollie!

  4. hi friend :) Just stumbled upon your blog from facebook. I didn't realize you were going to London so soon! But everything looks incredible!! I can't wait to follow along with all of your experiences over there... i'll be living vicariously through you, since I'm dying to go to Europe!!:)

  5. The pictures were AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see more--esp. the ones with you in them! After I got over the sadness of waving & hugging goodbye at the airport, I kinda settled down in my spirit. Just SO excited you're over there!!! God is the true giver of every good & perfect ya!

  6. Enjoying reading your blog and seeing your amazing pictures..Enjoy, every day is a gift. Love, Valerie