Sunday, September 19, 2010

nine days.

Nine days. Then I leave.


I don't think I could be more stoked. It's really funny when people ask me if I am excited. I get tempted to say no. Because why would I be pumped about spending 11 weeks in London, England, studying my  FAVORITE subject, fashion. Why? Maybe one should try rephrasing the question, "HOW excited are you?" Then I would tell the person about my happy dancing, random shouts of joy, and bursts of smiles that continually  show up more and more each day.  

I have wanted to study abroad since I was 14 years old. In essence, this is a 8 year dream. AND IT'S COMING TRUE IN NINE DAYS!!!!! deep breath Mollie, deep breath. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thank you to all the people who have encouraged me, pushed me, trained me, and prayed for me all these years. Each of you is incredibly special in my heart. Ok, that's enough of my "awards" speech. :)

I hope you, reader, will enjoy coming along on this incredible journey of mine as  I catalog my adventures, sorrows (hopefully none!), dreams, joys, friends, and LONDON. 
This is my shocked face, thinking about London. Actually, I look more excited usually, the camera simply cannot capture joy.


  1. mollie I will miss you! you are joy in human form. I miss our times together, but will never forget the memories! keep this thing updated, I'm reading! be good in the UK!

    as always,

  2. So excited about being able to follow your travels!! Cheerio! C:

  3. So excited about the blog! Can't wait to live through your exciting life!!!
    Praying for you - Have a blast!!!! Love Suzy

  4. Waiting to hear all your exciting news! Love you a bunch!!! Prayers sent your way every day!!!