Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sorry for the long delay!

It's incredible how much has gone on since my last post.
I haven't posted partly because of sickness, then mid-terms week, then trying to breath after that week. So now I am back on track with this.
I'm still in love with London! As excited as I will be to get back home, just as much of me will feel like I am leaving myself behind. It's like Sabrina says "America is my home, but [London] is my hometown". Or something like that.

I can't express how thankful I am to you all who have prayed for me while here. Every bit helps. I am falling more in love with Christ while I am here since I haven't had my closest friends to lean on. I thought I would learn so much about the world on this trip (and I have) but more than that, I have learned more about MYSELF and especially more about my relationship with my Daddy. He has held me so close in His hands this entire time, when I was sick (and therefore homesick) and taken such STELLAR care of me. OH how I LOVE Him!!!!!!!!

I have also learned through experience how much sunlight (and lack of sunlight) has a DIRECT link to mood/depression/happiness. It's bizarre. I don't know how they live with such little exposure to sunlight.

The parks here are so quaint and magical. They're everywhere so that helps us Arkansan ladies to feel more at home. I didn't know how much I adore trees and greenery.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! That's all the pent up excitement that I have. : )

Let me see...stories...

1. We got this:
    If Julie and I are having a particularly difficult day, we tell each other over and over "We got this". It incredible how motivational those three words are.

2. Cooking here is hard:
   Because they don't have a walmart type store, it's only smaller stores. Which means you go to several stores to buy all the things you need. It's so nutty. And the UNITE people (the company that owns the prison-dorm that I live in) didn't supply us with a lot of cooking items. Plus time constraints and living with six other girls so you HAVE to clean up right after. But through all this, I have cooked chicken curry (I hate to brag but WOO it was good!), other chicken recipes, cajun peas, burgers with veggies mixed in, and I'm attempting pumpkin bread tomorrow.  You just learn to get creative!

3. Picadilly Circus area is very touristy but it's so enchanting!!!! So much eye candy!


Ok I started writing all the above yesterday. So tonight I'm finishing it and guess what????!!! I have the coolest STORY!!!!! If you saw on my facebook status, I STOOD A FEW FEET FROM DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was tonight in Leiscester Square and I WENT!!!! (I didn't see the movie, I was a bystander at the outdoor part of the event) I was one of the bystanders at a distance but being in the the general vicinity of international celebrities is SUPER THRILLING. From a good distance I saw Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and got an extremely fuzzy picture. Anyway, after it was all over, I happened to go to the back of the theater where the premiere played and noticed a small crowd hanging out by an iron fence protecting a small alley. I decided to stake out there and see what happened. Suddenly security seemed flustered and told everyone to stand back from the gate! My heart started pounding. Would I see a star? Would I catch a glimpse of some of the most popular 20 year olds on the world?? The people starting yelling "IT'S DANIEL!!!!! O MY GOSH!!! DANIEL!!!!!!!" He jumped into the car faster then my eyes could process and the gate opened. I attempted some pictures but my gloves and the slow camera did not work in my favor. You can't actually see him but you can see the car and that's what counts I suppose. :) Then the car sped away with all of us stunned and totally ecstatic. Some of the fans ran after the car, screaming and taking pictures. It was hilarious! I overheard a fan who took off after car (and it was obvious from his flustered happiness that he got close to Daniel) say to his friend, "Feel my heart, it's pounding. Oh my gosh!"

That's my story and I think it's TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. Yeah. I just got home from the premiere and I am still in shock and stoked about the experience.

Now for a million pictures to catch everyone up. (Note to self: the more you procrastinate posting pictures, the MORE you have to do in one sitting. Not so cool. lol)

if you can't figure out why this is're daff.

This NEVER happens. Julie and I thought we were in a time warp

 A store called The Designer's Guild for a class field know class field trips over here are TEN TIMES COOLER than at home. This store holds so much inspiration!

I looked this up and it's not classified as a vehicle. It's a quadricycle!. Which means  car safety companies haven't tested it as thoroughly as they do other cars...which seems unsafe and can you tell how SMALL it is??! I think if it ran into me I might hurt it. I've seen a surprising amount of these "cars".

More Designer's Guild


If you weren't in love with it before, NOW you should be. : )

This is me braving the world and attempting pumpkin bread WITHOUT a mixing bowl, bread pans, measuring cups and spoons. A wine glass became a measuring cup, a stove pan became the mixing bowl, I used a casserole pan,  and I used our tea stirring spoons at teaspoons (that sounds funny).  How did it turn out you ask??....

It was so funny. Notice the wine glass measuring cup...still laughing about that.

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!! Our prison-dorm smelled like home and yumminess and the bread is SUPER DUPER. I was giggles and smiles all morning because of this!!! I skipped down the hall..haha : )

Class project for styling! Not mine in this shot though. This is for our Styling for Fashion class and we have the MOST INCREDIBLE professor for it!! We love Robin and his fashion!

Julie (in fur vest) directing the photographer for her shoot 

This is Robin Dutt. Google him. He's important. And humble and CRAZY and super exuberant and passionate about life. He LOVES clothes. He's the coolest goober I have ever known.

You can't see well but this is the LONDON WORLD PREMIERE OF HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. I didn't see the movie but this was one of the most heart pumping experiences of my life. WOOO!!!


I'm not even a huge HP fan but how could anyone NOT want to be a part of this??

People started screaming so I attempted a picture

You can't see him but Tom Felton's (Malfoy) shining blonde head is peeking out above the red jacket girl. I did see him!! 

Daniel's getaway car!

I wish you could make out his face : (

That's his car beside the bus. People took off after it and waved and screamed at him while the car was waiting in traffic. People are CUHRAAAZY when it comes to celebrities. Phew.

This is a more normal day on the tube. But at peak time it is crazy packed. You quickly learn that a personal bubble doesn't exist on public transport. Not at ALL. 

John Lewis department store! It's Dilliards on steroids. And the decorations are FUN!!!

Football (Futbol?) players down the street. I like watching them practice sometimes, and I can always hear them out the kitchen window

Hi, my name is Mollie. I am radical about my peppermint mochas. This is my happiness in a picture.

Girl mannequin with a beard. HA!

My heroes!! Can't wait to see that exhibit! 

Trafalgar Square at night!

Finally (!) saw Big Ben!

This is standing across the street from Big Ben/Westminster and overlooking the Thames. Gorg!!

Christmas has arrived in London!!! It's the BEST time of year to be here!

I can't get enough of Hyde Park. I've spent at least five hours there and still haven't seen all of it. HUGE it is!

The dudes just love Sunday morning football practice! Every park on Sundays..

Hyde is getting ready for Winter Wonderland 2010!!!! I'm stoked about ice skating outside in London!!!

I love the Serpentine Kitchen in Hyde Park. For the life of me I can't figure out why they called this pancakes though.  It was more like a fajita. I even asked a Brit about it. Pancakes are pancakes over here. 

It's so much more cultural than Starbucks.

They had Harry Potter books to read (red books). cute :)

Outside view

Serpentine Lake in Hyde

There's Serpentine Kitchen!

Sighhhhhhh. It's beautiful.

Random police/guard house in the Park.

Another side of Hyde...I wasn't kidding about the size

I'm pretty proud of this photo : ). Love the colors.

I like hanging with Peter Pan!

One of Anish Capoor's sculptures in Hyde..It's a big, reflective disk! From whatever angle you take a pic, you get some cool reflection of whatever is around you. That's the clouds on it. His simplicity is spellbinding.

First attempt to get picture of red-haired, male barista. We were trying to be coy since I had already talked to him about his hair (he was so nice!) and I thought asking him for a picture might seem like I was hitting on him. He moved too quickly for this one!

This is my fourth attempt! You don't see guys dying their hair crazy reds very often! I wanted to be friends with him.

Fortnam and Mason have the BEST Christmas decorations!

Why yes, I would love to stay at Hotel Russel! Thanks for asking.

Typical time on the Tube escalators. It's a fun game of dodge and smack!

Class work

More class work

This is the prison I live in. : ) Yes, I am thankful for the roof over my head. But it's still a prison : )

Beautiful architecture/design/decor everywhere! This is in our tube stop to home. Did I mention they often play classical music as well? Each tube stop has a different feel and style to it. It's way nice.

This is the 134 flight of stairs that Julie and I take every day. I am a professional stair and escalator climber now!

Good ole Urban Outfitters!

I'm fianally posting pictures of one of the top ten best day's of my life!!!!!!! I met KANDEE JOHNSON!!!!!!! 

Incredible make up artist. And super bubbly and passionate!

Working her magic

This is her mom! She told me that she could see the Holy Spirit glowing in me and that God has an incredible plan for my life! I LOVE her!!! 

She is pregnant, had only 4 hours of sleep, stood all day doing Glaminar, and still stayed after to talk to EVERY one of the hundred somethign girls there. She is SPECTACULAR. And a huge inspiration for me.

It's empowering to meet other Christians in the fashion business. Especially when they're famous and doing so well and still very humble.

That was my first sweet in 4 weeks!!!!!! Yeah, I found that I CAN live without sugar. But it's nice every once in a while too : )

It's now VERY late and I have to get up early to fabric shop! I will take pictures of Berwick St so y'all can see how smashing the fabric supply is here. Lucky people! 

I love, love , LOVE you all back home and hope everyone is doing as well as I am here. Remember, dreams DO come true. Just follow Christ and know your dreams are very close to His heart. He'll take care of YOU!!!!!!

Milk is great no matter where you are,


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  1. Love all the new pics! The one with Albert & Victoria is my favorite though. So glad you made it to the World Premiere, even though not a huge fan. I would've gone too, fan or not, just to say I'd been to one, and to experience it!!! Praise the Lord for allowing you this awesome time in England!!! Love you!